Caleb Kibet (Chair)

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Caleb Kibet is a bioinformatics researcher, a lecturer, an open science advocate, and a mentor. Caleb is currently a bioinformatician at icipe and teaches bioinformatics at Pwani University. His research interests are in regulatory genomics, where he uses machine learning and statistical modelling to understand and predict transcription factor binding sites and their link to diseases. Caleb is also a founder of OpenScienceKE, an initiative that promotes open approaches to bioinformatics research in Kenya. Caleb is passionate about open science and reproducible bioinformatics research. He continually seeks out opportunities to spread open science, especially within the bioinformatics community in Kenya

Pauline Karega

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Pauline Karega is a bioinformatics student and researcher working on evolutionary bioilogy. She is a co-founder of the Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya initiative (BHKi) and enjoys working at a project management capacity. She is passionate about capacity building in bioinformatics and data science, and community outreach. She is a certified Carpentries instructor and is actively involved in carpentries training. Outside science she enjoys performing arts.

Margaret Wanjiku

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Margaret serves the role of secretary to the BHKI steering committee. She is a bioinformatician with a keen interest in omics and big data analysis.

Kennedy Mwangi

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Kennedy is a bioinformatician working on breast cancer genomic data. He is a founding member of the OpenScienceKE Initiative and a certified Carpentries instructor.

Michael Kofia

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Michael is a bioinformatics student with a keen interest in epigenetics and genomics. A co-founder of Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya (BHKI). He is a certified Software Carpentries instructor, an Open Life Science (OLS) graduate and a mentor. He is passionate about capacity building. Hobbies: Triathlon!

Benson Muite

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Benson Muite is a software developer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has interests in high performance computing and enjoys building and using open source software.

Festus Nyasimi

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Festus is a Bioinformatician and a Data Scientist using statistical tools and computational methods to understand the genetics of complex diseases and traits. He is also the co-founder of Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya (BHKi), an organization which aims at up-skilling and empowering students and researchers with bioinformatics skills. He has formal training in Bioinformatics, Health Research methods, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Festus is actively engaged in training and community outreach events in the region, he has previously been involved as a trainer in Africa Advance Bionformatics Network (AABN), he was a mentor in the second cohort of HackBio Internship, and he is actively engaged in Open Life Science (OLS). Prior to his current role Festus has conducted research work at ICIPE and KWTRP. His hobbies include traveling and adventure.

David Kiragu

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David is a bioinformatics student with a keen interest in both genomic data production and using computational skill sets to answer research questions in the fields of zoonotic diseases and wildlife conservation. He is a BiXCop 2021 fellow and has a background in Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Microbiology. Due to this special interest in capacity development and community outreach, he is also a co-founder and trainer at Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya Initiative(BHKi) and African International Biotechnology and Biomedical Conference. His current affiliation is at the Institute of Primate Research(IPR), Kenya. Fun activities: Cycling and travelling.

Ruth Nanjala

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Nanjala is a junior bioinformatician at ICIPE. She currently leads the bionformatics mentorship and incubation program, aimed at increasing the number of well trained bioinformaticians to support genomics research. She is interested in understanding the genetics of HLA and its association to complex immune mediated traits. She is also passionate about capacity building and she has been involved in different projects that support capacity building. Nanjala has formal training in Bioinformatics and Microbiology.

Sarah Nyanchera Nyakeri


Sarah is an Msc Fellow at the International Livestock Research Institute and registered as an MSc Molecular biology and Bioinformatics student at Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology. She is passionate about unconventional tools to communicate science to the public and loves listening to scientists tell their stories on The Vulnerable Scientist Podcast when not doing science. If you can’t find her in the lab or at home, look for her in the bushes, forests, hills, and mountains enjoying the silence and fresh air while her legs suffer – Hiking.